At Sable Hills Waterfront Estate peace of mind is part of the purchase. Around the clock state of the art security ensures that the peace and tranquility of the estate remain that way. Twenty four hour access control and perimeter patrols by highly trained guards guarantee a relaxed and crime free environment.

Security is managed by a full-time in-house security manager. He is assisted by a member of the Home Owners Association responsible for security planning, staff, equipment and legal matters. Security staff are equipped with modern radio equipment and static and dynamic radio teams ensure that radio networks are fully functional at all times.

Security management at Sable Hills Waterfront Estate liaises and cooperates closely with the SAPS, other security estates in the area and role-players responsible for area protection and crime prevention.

Duty security 072 656 2856, 16:00-06:00
Main Gate 012-808 0142/010 594 0491, All hours
Contractors Gate 010-594 0492, Office hours 07:00-16:00
Security Manager: 072 656 2856, Office hours 07:00-16:00

Registrations: (RIAAN) 010 594 0492, Office hours 07:00-16:00 Mon-Friday

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