In order to facilitate the refund of the building deposit once construction of your home is complete, the following is a process that needs to be followed to enable Sable Hills to process the refund timeously:

a. Send an email to the estate manager notifying him that your building operations are complete and request a refund of the building deposit. b. The estate manager will notify the Architect to inspect the home and to issue a certificate of completion. This certificate will only be issued provided the property has been built in accordance with the approved plans submitted to the Building Control Committee. The architect will provide this certificate to the estate manager. c. The estate manager will inspect the property to ensure that the builder has complied and completed the following: i. Removed his contractor’s board. ii. Removed all building materials and rubble from the property iii. Reinstated any portion of vacant land utilised (with permission) back to its original state it was found in. iv. Rehabilitated any damages that may have been caused to the road side kerb, neighbouring walls, electrical boxes and services. Once all this has been attended to and is in order the estate manager will issue a building completion certificate. d. The property owner must submit to the estate manager’s office, via email to a copy of the City of Tshwane occupation certificate which the building contractor should obtain from the building inspector. e. Finally, in order to affect the refund transfer, banking details, confirmation of banking details and a copy of the original building deposit proof of payment must be submitted to the estate manager’s office, via email to
Confirmation of banking details may be by any of the following: i. Copy of a bank statement reflecting the name and account number or; ii. A cancelled cheque or; iii. A letter of confirmation from the Bank.

Once all the required documentation, as per the above has been furnished to the Sable Hills Waterfront Office the deposit refund will be processed.

Please do not hesitate to contact Antonet at the HOA office on 012 819 1007 should you require any further information in this regard.



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